Makola Media can design print and supply business cards in Pretoria, Centurion, Midrand, Sandton, Johannesburg and basically anywhere in Gauteng South Africa. We designed different business card templates, one for each application to print your business cards to perfection. Printing the perfect customized and personalized business cards, Makola Media will supply you with exactly what you need to make a strong impression at that all important first meeting. Striking, professional business cards with a quality layout, and your company letterhead represented boldly in full colour on tastefully styled business cards. Business card printing will take 3-5 working days to complete, from approval of art and receipt of deposit.

Ever wanted to give your business cards that extra touch? Core Digital Printers now offers the new business card template to print and cut your business cards with rounded corners. We allow 3 radius options:

  • 6mm radius
  • 9mm radius
  • 12mm radius

Not all corners have to be rounded. You may add a 6mm, 9mm or 12mm round corner to 1 corner or even to all 4 corners but only 1 radius option may be used on your cards. The image above only serves to illustrate all the radiuses.

Importance of Business Cards

Business cards highlight a very important and often overlooked fact that is still true in today's technologically-driven society. Business is exchanged between people, not machines.

Our business card printers in Pretoria can help create the tools you and your staff can take use to better represent your brand outside of the confines of your office.

Of all the methods of spreading your business' influence, perhaps none is more powerful than networking. Exchanging printed business cards is the art of making contacts within your industry, or in the markets you wish to target, to grow awareness of your business.

When networking and building professional relationships your personalized printed business cards are your best friends.