Mesh vinyl is also known as Contra Vision or One-way vision stickers and serves as an ideal marketing solution on your shop, office or car windows. This can be applied to cover up the window so that no one can see through your windows. You can see clearly from the inside to the outside, hence why it is also referred to as one-way vision. A full colour image can be printed onto one side of the mesh vinyl to advertise, promote or market your Company. Contra Vision is often seen on the back of a car's window. The advertising image can be seen by the drivers behind the car, and does not obscure the vision of the car with the contra vision on the back window.

In order for us to print onto contra vision (mesh) vinyl for the windows of your vehicle, we will need the maximum width and maximum height of your car window. We add a specific amount extra, as a bleed, to cater for the bend in the window.