A Lanyard, or wrist strap, is a cord often worn around the neck or the wrist to carry something. They are comfortable and are made of good material that does not cause any discomfort to your skin.

We can supply and print customized lanyards with your company's logo or message. Lanyards have a wide range of uses, from give away promotions to security and even a customized ID tag holder with your company name printed on the lanyard.

Lanyards have become a popular and highly successful form of branding. We have manufactured lanyards for some of the biggest corporate companies in South Africa. We also supply lanyard pouches that can be connected to the hook of the lanyard to safely store an Identity card or pass card. Our lanyard pouches are transparent and allows a person to see the detail of the card or pass very clearly.

We supply a wide range of coloured lanyards that is screen-printed to the choice of your design.

A fine mesh screen is produced from the artwork that is supplied by the custumer. The screen is placed on top of the material and then the coloured ink is applied on the screen. A squeegee pushes the ink through the mesh screen to create the design beneath the material. All our silkscreen imprints are done manually and not by machine. This allows us to maintain the highest standards in imprint quality for clearness and sharpness.